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The Definitive Portrait of Your Family

The Most Treasured Possession You May Ever Own

600-Los-Angeles-Santa-Barbara-Family-Portrait-Studio132The mission of Halper Fine Art is to create portraits that are not only an affirmation of the love and bond your family shares, but are also works of fine art photography appropriate to any collection.

The family portrait was once the domain of the most talented and respected painters of their time. Today those images hang in galleries and museums.

With the advent of photography, the photographic portrait evolved to replace the painted portrait and remained a respected art form for many years. As photography became more common, so did the practitioners. Over the better part of the last century what was once an art form has devolved into the lowered standards that account for an uncommonly high number of families being photographed in white shirts and denim pants.

A Mark Robert Halper original is a photographic portrait that will give you joy and satisfaction, a work of art you can take pride in sharing with your family and friends, and will belong at the center of your home.

Our studio would be honored to create your family portrait.

Two New Books and an Exhibition

Legacy: A New Tradition of Family Portraiture
Between Seer and Seen: Celebrating the Artists of Santa Barbara County

Following 2010′s highly acclaimed Sunlight and Water: Celebrating the Winemakers of Santa Barbara County, these two new volumes add a new dimension to Mr. Halper’s body of work.

Legacy is a collection of Mr. Halper’s family portrait work, interspersed with quotes from some of the families included in the book.

Between Seer and Seen is a collection of artist portraits and still life images that reflect on the creative interactions that transform the artist’s view of the world into the physical reality of art.

The Art+Love Between Seer and Seen Exhibition paired Mr. Halper’s portraits with new small works created by many of the artists included in the book. These pieces were created especially for this exhibition, and are themed around the Art+Love concept for the 2014 Valentine’s Day opening in Santa Barbara. Visit Books and Exhibitions to learn more.

legacy-mark-robert-halper   between-seer-and-seen-mark-robert-halper