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We get you in to meet the right people.

Just the other day, I ran into a woman who's pictures I had recently done. "They got me an agent!", she told me (and just about everybody else in the room). The thing is... they didn't get her an agent. The images were crafted to communicate who she was, so when she walked in the door she was exactly who they were expecting to see and she got off in the right direction. She got her own agent, but it still made me feel great.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction all the way through the process.

We guarantee that you will absolutely love your headshots by getting your approval every step of the way, doing an "instant re-shoot" for each set-up, and by continuing to shoot until you are absolutely satisfied with your headshots by using our complete approval process.

Mark creates highly effective imagery for performers by discerning and communicating their individuality. Mark believes a headshot is, first and foremost, a marketing tool designed to get you work.

Mark, an established Celebrity and Commercial Photographer, also offers High-end Headshots in Los Angeles. Mark brings with him an understanding not only of the craft and art of photography, but an ability to consistently capture who you are and effectively communicate that to people in a position to hire you.

Mark does this by getting as much information about you as possible in a variety of ways (including a 50 minute interview), and applying his creative vision and technical craft (lighting, crop, background, focus, expression, pose, etc.). (For musicians, it is more a matter of listening to and understanding the music.) Mark shoots headshots because he enjoys the process of working with actors.

A headshot is more than a pretty picture. For Mark, a headshot is a marketing tool intelligently crafted to communicate those qualities about an actor that are generally consistent from role to role. Its purpose is to get the performer called in for those parts for which they are likely to be cast. Please visit theinfo page to learn more about Mark's process.

Appointments are generally available at Mark's Los Angeles studio on weekends and evenings, as Mark's commercial schedule allows (please call for available dates).

Explore the site, and feel free to visit The Commercial Photography Website as well to see more of Mark's work. (If you need headshots for professional purposes, please visit us at corporateheadshots.com.)

This is an unsolicited email we recently received from a client, and we felt that it really captured what we work to acheive:

Hey Mark!
This is the first time I had a headshot session and was ecstatic with the results at the end. There are enough pressures in the world and business of acting (life too) and you helped make one of those stresses a very pleasurable and fun experience.

Your attention to detail, interest in the research I did on myself, and genuine want to work together was awesome. The fact that you did not set up your studio until you got to know who you were shooting is only one of the reasons I respect and enjoy your work even more. You are not only a professional but an artist as well.

I apologize for the gush but working with you was a happy experience and the pictures only help remind me of that. If you ever need a reference for your headshot work I would be more than happy to share my experience of working with you.

Thank you again for being invested in your work and caring.
Lewis Blanchard

Below are more examples of the work you will find throughout this site:

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This Photographer also shoots Actor head shots and is one of the premier headshot photographers in Los Angeles and also works throughout Orange County.

If you are looking for a color headshot photographer, or if you need a photographer to travel to any other location outside of Los Angeles or to shoot a digital headshot, please call to discuss the project. Mark normally works with a variety of commercial clients that include Advertising Agencies, Magazines, Design Firms, Entertainment clients, and Corporations who are looking for color Photographers, but also shoots headshots for actors and musicians on the evenings and weekends. Mark works in both color and in black and white. Mark has over fifteen years experience in the field of photography and loves what he does. He has returned to shooting actor's portraits only recently, after having become a celebrity shooter and discovering how much he enjoys working with creative people in the acting world. You are invited to take a look around the site and see what you think about his photography.

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Studio Photography, Based in Los Angeles, California, for Orange County and L.A. clients looking for Photographers for upcoming headshot photography projects. Are you an actor or actress who needs a professional digital head shot?


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Mark also works as a photographer in Orange County and throughout California. Find out more about Mark's Fine Art Photography, corporate headshots, music photography, personal photography, annual report photography, advertising photography, photography workshops, corporate photography and image library services and Mark's Innovative Family Engagement and Couples Portrait Studios in Orange County and Los Angeles, California, corporate image library services, our wedding album and print service though Pictage, Buzz Worthy Success, MegaPath, information about our professional retouchers, doubledown media, as well as a page for the photo stylist Mark often works with, and advertising photographers.